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New Auction Idea... I need help.....


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Ok I have this x-ray that I aquired from the hospital I use to work at...this is a unusual pelvic x-ray of a man.....I have seen x-rays not go for much on ebay...but I think this one is the top of them all.....I was finaly able to get some good pictures of it as I don't have a scanner....so I had to put it in a window to take the pics...they turned out pretty good.....

What I am wondering is..if the person that had this x-ray taken see's this can I get sued???? I do know all about the HIPPA laws....but I aquired this way before that took effect andddddddd I have taken the persons name off the x-ray....also this is owned by me as I paid for this copy.....

I mean I do not see someone saying..."HEY THATS MY X-RAY" as they would only be showing the world what they have done and what they are doing...would be a total embarassment to the man......I just don't want to get sued...lol

I could say I don't know where it came from instead of saying I aquired it from the hospital I worked at.....

what do you all think???/


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I'm sure it will be fine. I think I have a pretty good idea what the x-ray will show, can't wait to see if I'm right....if so, then HECK YES, this will do well!


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I need a catchy title....something that will make people look
and should I list it featured and start it out at .99???? I guess it would be a risk to take....