New auction!

I am pretty excited here! I have just come up with what I think is a great auction idea. It may or may not do well, but it is an eBay 1st I believe!!! I'm going to start working on it now! Wish me luck guys!
Okay I've almost got it ready to go, but I can't find the thread that tells us how to put the "Watch this item" link in. I see you guys doing it all the time, and I know the one time I tried on my runawaybride auction, it just showed up as all my WONDERFUL friends.........HELP!!!!!!!
greenhappykat said:
Angel, I found the thread.

Here..saving you some time..

Click <a href="">HERE</a> to watch this item!

You know to put your item number after the = but before the " so I don't have to tell you that. :) Good luck.
Thank you, that was fast! Now....can I just copy and paste what's above me there, and then if I remember correctly, I have to start the auction, go back in right away and put the # in right? Do I click on use my own html? I really am computer illiterate, guess my old age is showing! :eek:hno:
greenhappykat said:
Hope your auctions do well and make the pulse..Angel, when are you posting yours?
This evening hopefully, the Pistons are playing, so if I'm not done by 8:00 my time, I'll have to finish tomorrow!!!!