New Auction, but NOT on Ebay


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doubles2004 said:
yes you are right on the greenzap i signed up and got the 25.00 credit it works just like paypal

You mean I could BUY something without really paying for it???!!!! (aha! No you didn't send me to that site....and I did resist....but FREE money? Kewl)! :D No not really a spending problem.....a spoiled little kid with wayyyyy too many clothes problem! Hey, I'm old(er)....she's my only....I waited years and years for her.....I'm allowed......right? (if you say yes will you please tell the hubby)? :D


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its more fun to spoil her...she's only a kid for a short why not have fun playing dress-up....your husband is probably just being a typical male and complaining for the sake of argument...i bet he secretly likes seeing her enjoy her clothes
Hi, I'm new to this forum but have been selling in online auctions and listing site since Sept of last year. I mostly use eBay because it is so popular and has the majority of traffic. I have also tried Overstock. It's ok, but too much focus on "be my friend" and not enough on the actual auctions. Also, their uploader tool needs lots of work.
I have also listed some things on Live Deal and iOffer. They are not auctions sites, but you can list items on there at a set price or allow people to "make an offer." That's probably where eBay got the idea. I actually got some hits on Live Deal. I haven't been so lucky on iOffer, but they have a nice community with clubs you can join depending your your interests.
I had never heard of I will have to check it out. Hope that I have added some insight to this thread. Thanks for listening, anyway.


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#15 feedback = no knowledge of who you're dealing with...not comfortable with that -- i know it looks like my ebay ID here is a newbie, but it's just a "spare" ID -- i have 2 others with high feedbacks that i've used since 2000. But i haven't heard of greenzap before, going to check that out - thanx! i love the info i learn here :D
someone give me your referral promo code for greenzap, and I will use it when I sign up