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New Atheism


For a Free Scotland
What's everyone's take on New Atheism- that espoused by the likes of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris- in books like God is Not Great, The God Delusion, and The End of Faith?


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I'm not a fan. Mostly, I'm against the idea that religion in general is necessarily bad, and that science is strongly at odds with religion in general. Promoting those ideas seems dangerous. Also, as an atheist, I dislike that these guys are building and marketing an atheist brand I don't identify with.


Registered Member
Many people turn to irreligion in part to get away from evangelism. The "New Atheists" evangelize, thus invalidating one of the main reasons people turn to irreligion. As an irreligious person myself, I must say that I disapprove of the "New Atheists."