New Anime Season


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Actually after looking at ANN they had poll referring to the new season of anime one asking which one are you looking forward to getting licensed.

I knew the season had started but I hadn't really seen an overview of it. Well I followed the link and ANN had their spring preview here.

Has anyone started watching these series? What looks good what is bad?

I was contemplating dling Darker than Black but it seems overall that this batch of animes are mediocre or bad.

Darker and Claymore seem to stand out and they made indication that the Romeo X juliet show is good (although i really don't want to watch a remake of a Shakespearian play).

Any thoughts or comments?


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I'm kinda excited about "Heroic Age". I haven't seen any of the eps(Just pics) but I think it has potential to be pretty good. And the Mecha look pretty sweet. It might be something to look into Swift since you like Gundam.


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Im going to start that one soon. probably.

Darker than black is ok.

Basically theres a huge air of mystery to the whole show and after like 10 episodes that is still there. They dont explain anything...

They isnt much to the characters either and it seems like they too often introduce new ones to just die in the next episode...


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I hear Claymore is amazing has anyone got a chance to watch it yet? I plan on watching it after I go on vacation.


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I might check it out but it really doesnt seem like my type of anime after reading the description...
I liked Nagaserete Airantou, and I'm going to Check Out Romeo x Juleit since I've heard from alot of people how good that is. Seriously, it's Gonzo, they've shown that they're good.

Also, Lucky Star is the new Haruhi Suzumiya.


i may have to check out darker than black and possibly heroic age they both sound pretty cool