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New and ready to cause hell! xD



Yeah so Sui Generis showed me this place and dragged my butt out to join xD

Looked through some posts and this place seems pretty freaking sweet, look forward to posting and scaring random people!  :D :p



blue 3
There goes the neighborhood; its about damn time you joined up. Anyways we really don't have an art forum (for drawings) as of yet, but maybe if you go ahead and make a topic about it in the Site Feedback forum you might just get what you want. :) Otherwise I guess throw you're artwork in Sig/Img *shrugs*

Glad you came here yo. Hope you enjoy it. Be careful; I mod the Mature Discussion; so you better not make me mad ^.~


post drawins in the img sig

welcome, i will be the only one causing hell tho im afraid. :D

Anonym0uz Bitch

This is true lol


blue 3
Of course its true; I said it. Which means its correct. Therefor I am god. The end.


blue 3
Nah; he just owns me. Therefor he can do whatever he wants. Sounds fair enough