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Movies New Anchorman 2 alternate R-rated version


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Paramount Sends R-Rated 'Anchorman 2' To Theaters - Forbes

They apparently filmed so much extra stuff for this movie that they can put out the same movie again with 763 new jokes and all new material. From what I understand the plot doesn't change but the movie is much longer.

I actually heard about this when I saw Will Ferrell on the tonight show, he mentioned this in an interview.

I have no idea if this version of the movie will make it to Blu Ray one day. Honestly, it's not even my kind of movie but I recognize that this is a really cool idea to have an entirely alternate version of the same movie. 95% new material while following the same story.


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That's an unusual idea. Isn't two Anchorman films enough though? :lol:

Nah, to be fair I haven't even seen the second one yet. But I think while it's sort of a cool idea if you're going to make a movie wouldn't you just put all your best bits into one?