Never Fear, the Monkies are here!


Son of Liberty
Actually they are Giant Grey Langurs and they are Stationed outside the Delhi Commonwealth games;

Ever heard somebody say that their job's so easy a trained monkey could do it? Organizers of the Commonwealth Games in India are testing out that theory.

When the international sporting event begins next week in New Delhi, organizers will deploy 38 trained langur monkeys to patrol the grounds in an attempt to scare away smaller, stray primates that can roam the streets of Delhi.

The langurs, which are giant, gray monkeys with black faces, will be on a leash and accompanied by a trainer. They'll be positioned outside various venues and tasked with keeping wild monkeys from causing havoc in and around the Games.

Stray monkeys are a constant presence in the Indian capital. Office buildings, hospitals and government locations often station langurs around their grounds to keep wild packs of animals away from humans. In rare instances, the wild monkeys have even proved to be deadly. Three years ago, New Delhi's deputy mayor was killed when he fell from a balcony during an attack of stray monkeys.

Organizers will rent the use of the langurs for the two weeks of competition. When the Games are over, the monkeys will return home with their trainers.

India will use monkey security force for Commonwealth Games - Fourth-Place Medal - Olympics - Yahoo! Sports

Check 'em out, isnt that cool?

One of the first things I thought of when I started reading this article was Baboons. Because I remembered watching the movie "Ghost in the Darkness" and how the Natives used Captive Baboons to ward off Lions from their camps. So my initial reaction was "this must be for Jaguars or something". I didnt expect it to be from other Monkey Gangs :hah: