Nets Sign Rookie Hassan Adams


Aw, Here It Goes!
In the NEW YORK POST, Fred Kerber writes that "Richard Jefferson swears it's not just an Arizona thing," as he sings the praises of Hassan Adams. A "great fast break guy" is what "the Nets hope they found in the second round in the 6-foot-4 Adams, who signed a two-year deal yesterday ($412,718 minimum for the first year, second year at team option)." The new Nets bench "could feature four rookies, including UConn products Marcus Williams and Josh Boone plus Serb center Mile Ilic."
I think that he'll do good with a pointguard like Kidd. He's an athletic type of player and Kidd can pass alleyoops to him. But I've read some draft info about him. He's actually a severely undersized smallforward.


Sultan of Swat
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I agree too, like I said in the past, the Nets had the best draft picks at this season, with all the late picks they had. I always like Adams in Arizona, he's very good under run and gun team, he probably won't have a lot of playing time, just like Wright last season.