Nets Impressed By Youngsters' Play


Aw, Here It Goes!
"The Nets’ record, 2-3, didn’t matter. What did matter to the team was the guys they specifically wanted to watch, first round rookies Marcus Williams and Josh Boone, plus second year player Antoine Wright, had solid showings in the summer league games," writes Fred Kerber of the NEW YORK POST. "In Williams, the Nets finally may have found their backup to Jason Kidd. Williams scored 27 points yesterday, finishing with averages of 16.6 points and 8.0 assists."
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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Wow people will be kicking themselves in the ass after they see this guy play, just because he was overweight a lot of teams passed on him. I personally think that the Nets won the draft by stealing players like Marcus Williams and Josh Boone, and now Wright is developing into a great player.