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Netflix loses rights to stream nearly 2,000 titles


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Wow. It would be nice if they could reach an agreement but it doesn't sound hopeful does it? I kid you not this morning I was thinking of ways to help my finances and started thinking of going to only DVDs on Netflix because that always has the new stuff and the HBO series...I'm going to wait and see how this plays out but that increases the likelihood of me doing that, and I'm sure it's the same with a ton of others.


It's not me, it's you.
I've been thinking about getting rid of Netflix streaming and going back to discs. I do not watch it a lot anyway and besides the tv shows they stream (which I could still get on disc) I really don't see a good selection of movies on there.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I bet a lot of people will drop them. Hopefully they can work something out in the future but it's not looking good.