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Net neutrality - to support or to repeal?


Registered Member
The FCC planned to remove the net neutrality protections on December 14, 2017. The principles disallow any ISP to block or discriminate against any application, content, or company. Thanks to it, we are free to use and view internet's content at our own discretion. Imagine what will happen now. We will be charged to view a certain type of content or unable to load any information about a specific topic. That's why there are massive protests everywhere, online and offline, from teenagers to adults.

I really don't understand why. The internet exists to provide information and now it's going to be limited. Why are we moving backward?


Registered Member
Because we allow companies to pay lawmakers to write legislation that benefits them to the detriment of the public.

Tesla cannot sell cars in Michigan, because the existing automakers had laws passed that prevent them.

The reason in many areas, you have 1 and ONLY 1 choice for Internet service is not accidental. The reason Net Neutrality was repealed was so Comcast and others can limit services they don't get a kick back from. If they partner with Amazon, they will make Netflix unusable.