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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Wrecked, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. Wrecked

    Wrecked Registered Member

    it's free. the game is like slots [ match 3 and win | it's random ]. you have 3 chances to win a day, you can play everyday. contest ends on Jan 16th, so you have plenty of time to win.

    prizes are: candy, movie tickets to King Kong, King Kong for PS2.

    i've heard of a few people that won the game and a few that won the tickets. i'm not interested in any of the prizes but thought that some of you might.

    good luck! if some of you guys do manange to win, post what you thought abou the movie/game or even the candy [ free candy is good candy ].

    must be 18 to play.

    [ prizes in depth: ]
    Prizes: Three Hundred (300) Grand Prizes: King Kong Video Game compatible with Playstation console (ARV $25), odds of winning 1 in 5,000. One Thousand Three Hundred (1,300) First Prizes: 2 Movie Tickets from Hollywood Movie Money (ARV $21) (must be redeemed by 5/31/06; restrictions may apply), odds of winning 1 in 1,154. One Thousand (1,000) Second Prizes: King Kong Poster (ARV $10), odds of winning 1 in 1,500. Twenty Thousand (20,000) Third Prizes: A NESTLÉ© CRUNCH® Bar (coupon good for 1 free 1.55-oz. bar) (ARV $.69), odds of winning 1 in 75. TOTAL ARV OF ALL PRIZES IS $58,600.

  2. Gamechamp

    Gamechamp Registered Member

    Cool. I'm going to be going back there for sure. Though I don't really want the PS2 game too much. But it's something to add to my collection, so It's worth 15 seconds a day.
  3. yooperchick

    yooperchick Registered Member

    I just tried, and didn't win. I bookmarked it and will have to keep trying. Not that my PS2 is working right now or anything, but I still have my other games, just in case a miracle happens.
  4. ltk9492

    ltk9492 Registered Member

    i tried , but didn't win. o well, ill keep going back, as was said, its worth 15 seconds a day.
  5. dk_rare

    dk_rare Registered Member

    I love these things, I'll enter everyday for sure, pick up all the booty when I get to America. Tickets to Kong would be awesome, I wont have a lot of money when I get to my Aunts and I have been following Kong somewhat since I saw the ads. Jack Black, just awesome : )
  6. LaRazaUnida

    LaRazaUnida Registered Member

    Son of close....THEY CHEATED ME! Tomorrow I will win. Thanks for the heads up wrecked.
  7. dk_rare

    dk_rare Registered Member

    I still haven't won, but I keep trying :D For some reason I now have the strong urge to spend the night at the pokies, hmmm....
  8. ltk9492

    ltk9492 Registered Member

    lol. im trying everyday, but to no avail. Ill bet i won't win, but i have a chance i guess. i don't want the prizes though, but free is free, and i can sell them.
  9. yooperchick

    yooperchick Registered Member

    Every time I try - it has been just soooooo close. I hope someone on here gets something.
  10. Gamechamp

    Gamechamp Registered Member

    You know, it may seem like you have a good chance, but you don't. While there are very little combinations, they make it so that it's less likely to get a winning combination.

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