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I loved Ninja Gaiden. I think a lot of it had to do with the music and the story. I really got into the game. Although I haven't played it in over 15 years, I can still remember seeing the story and hearing the music. It made that much of an impression on me.

I am hoping to add it to my library again sometime soon. Then I can be doing the flips off of the walls again. I miss that.


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I used to rent this game a lot back in the day. It was hard as hell. I could never get very far.


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Only game I played from the series was II, and that was a bitch to get through. I had to use the game genie for sure. There was no question about it. I wasn't going to put in that much energy for an insane game. Faggetaboutit!


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I've only played the first one. I know I didn't beat it, but I can't remember how far I got. One of these days I would like to try the other ones.
I'm proud to say I beat all three games without cheating. The first game is definitely the hardest, only because of the birds. I'm sure you remember the birds. You'd go to jump over a pit and a bird would come out of nowhere, hit you in midair, and knock you right into the pit. And if you actually managed to survive and were knocked back to your platform, if you tried to jump again the bird would reappear.

The second game I didn't find to be all that bad. It is definitely the best in the trilogy when it comes to graphics, story, and innovation. They fixed the reappearing enemies glitch, too, so that made this game much more playable.

The third game is my favorite, though, simply out of nostalgia. My brother originally showed me the game back when I was 7 or so, and we used to play through it together. I picked the game back up a few years ago and pushed myself through it. The game is a step down in the story department, as well as graphics (most cutscenes simply have an abstract blue background, instead of actual settings like in the other games), but the gameplay is glitch-free with a lot of new moves, so it's fun to play. Most people claim that it is the hardest, but if you take the time to memorize the levels, it becomes the easiest.


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Unfortunatelly, I've only played one of the 3D NGs, but I think I've seen it before, and it looks cool.


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WooHoo!!! Just checked the local consignment shop today, and they had Ninja Gaiden I in the box. I got it for $6.00. A little bit more than I might have paid on eBay, but without any hassle.

I am so happy :)


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He had a pretty good selection of games. When we were looking through them, he went to the back and brought out another box. He was just about to put the second box of games up on eBay. He also had lots of old systems.

And, I live in the boonies, so this was a find and a half. I've only been in that store once before (and didn't notice any games - looking for furniture), but I will probably end up going back again later :)