Nerve Conduction Velocity Test


Oh, poppycock.
No, I've never had it. Why are you getting it done in March? Routine check or something else?
Nope, first time. I have scoliosis and a cyst on my spinal cord. Supposedly neither of these are the cause my extreme back pain so this is to try to see where the pain is coming from.


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I have seen something similar done, but the one I know of only uses a needles, and I cannot think of the name to save my life.

I have never had one, but a doctors office I rotate through does them and it mostly scares people more than it hurts.. because it makes their hand twitch and they just can't stand it. A lot of people, can go through it just fine. I think the idea of how they are able to find the source of your pain with these tests absolutely facinating. I hope however, that they are able to avoid using needles for your sake.

Good luck!


Oh, poppycock.
I may be getting the name wrong, because my doctor said that they were going to possibly use needles. I looked up nerve tests and found that one. I know its going to be used to find what damage, if any, I have.