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    I've only ever been able to see the first episode of the first season of this show. He's a detective, right up there with Holmes I guess. But this one episode I saw has an amazingly intricate plot. Unless you're really into mystery/detective whodunnits, I don't know if you'd like it or not. I loved it. Lots of these type of shows, I can usually guess who did it half way through or 3/4's in. This show had me guessing the whole way through, and I was so far off the mark it was amazing. At the end of the episode, so many facts that they'd shown subtley and that I'd missed were made apparent, and I was shocked. Really makes Nero look like a genius. And he has an assistant as well. I really wish I could find this show, but I haven't fount anywhere to download it or buy it haha.

    Anyone else ever heard of this show or seen it? It's really quite amazing.

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    i enjoyed watching "nero wolfe ", it was a fun show in 2001, it was hard to sell a audience, not people like that kind of detective show, it had a lot of style, but it was slow ! interest part of the show, that wolfe 's asst. played timothy hutton, his father was the late jim hutton, jim in 70's, played another detective, ellery queen ! both shows last for one season only !

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