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Nerf Gun Fun


rainbow 11!
My sister bought some Nerf guns for her work. (They like to attack each other with them at random times. She wanted in on the action.) So she got this idea to attack my dad. She sent me out to set them up under the pretense that I was just grabbing stuff for her. I set up the two nerf guns and tested them out, they had a nice range. ^^

Once I finished, I walked around the side of my house and set the two guns under my window. Grabbing some stuff my my sister's car, I lock it up and bring it inside. I then put the bags away and went into my room to retrieve our weapons. She came in as I set them on the bed and closed my window. Each of us grabbing one, we left my room and went down the hallway to the front room, where my dad was playing Tiger Woods 2007. (lol)

My sister ran over to the door and I took aim behind the railing. We both took aim and fired off all of our ammo. I shot him in the head like three times. Not bad if you ask me. ^^

It was sooo much fun. <3

That's a rare thing when it involves other people in my family... Not including my sister. XD


A Darker Knight
Nerf guns are fun, but after pumping the damn thing for hours, you get tired after maybe 2 rounds. But I remember having one with a huge barrel that had around 30 or 40 bullets. That was fun. :D