Neo-Spacian Dark Panther, Thursday August 17, 2006

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This card review is from the new set and might get ignored at first.

This nasty kitty has potential with its effect:

Once per turn, you can select 1 face-up monster on your opponent's side of the field. While this card is face-up on your side of the field, until the end of this turn this card's name is treated as the selected monster's name, and it gets the selaced monster's effect(s).

First thing to notice is it's a level 3 that can get under G-Bind and Level Limit. Then when you read the effect its even better. With the new ban list, Bazoo will reign again, but Dark Panther will let those who might wanna run Tomato Rush take use of their opponent. You can copy the Bazoo effect and activate your own Return before they get theirs, hopefully.

Depending on the new meta will depend on what this nasty cat will do.

Advanced: 3 out of 5
Traditional: 3.5 out of 5 - can copy and abuse Chaos
Not open for further replies.