Nelson And Howard Bloodied In Collision


Sultan of Swat
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Orlando Sentinel - Jameer Nelson and Dwight Howard collided on Friday and each received stitches. Nelson needed nine stitches and Howard needed six stitches.

Howard, 6-11, 268, was crouched low with the ball when Nelson, 5-10, 190, curled around him chasing Travis Diener. Nelson and Howard knocked heads, sending Nelson flying to the court.

Blood poured from Nelson's wound. Howard grabbed his head, and both players left the court holding towels on their faces.

Coach Brian Hill said Nelson "got the worst of it" and did not know immediately Nelson's availability for tonight's intrasquad scrimmage. "We're worried about his head. . .about headaches and stuff," he said.


Aw, Here It Goes!
Im more worried about Jameer than I am about Dwight just because Howard is so powerful, I think Nelson is in more pain, but I know because Dwight is like their franchise player he will be looked at a little bit more closely than Jameer. Hopefully they recover quickly and their cuts heal up.


Dwight is so big and strong, i don't think it did much damage to him haha. Hope his ok though. I want to see him dominate,