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I was wondering what you thought of your neighbours? Do you like them? Do you talk to them? Have they've given you or your family any problems? Do you just ignore them?

On one side we get along with our neighbours, I cut his lawn every summer and I clean his drive way during the winter time.

But it's different for the other one, we did a small fire and he called the cops on us, we had a dog that bark a bit and they called the Bylaw on us. We just avoid them and don't talk to them very much.

How about you guys?
I'm probably considered the "black sheep" of the neighborhood. I don't really get into trouble, it's just I'm a loner and don't really interact with them. Ex: The neighbor on my left went on vacation and instead of asking me to get her mail she went to the people on my right and asked them. Bastards!

Well, that's that. =P


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One of my neighbors we talk to, and sometimes take care of their cats. The neighbors on the other side, well the only time we really ever talk is when a storm comes through and our giant tree loses a branch in their yard.

Funny in the ice storm last December one of their trees fell on our tree and fell on our car. >_>


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I live in an apartment complex. there are 8 units in my building. i know one set of neighbors by name, the rest are all fairly new or keep to themselves.

It's nice to be on friendly terms with your neighbors. That's the way it was when I was growing up - we all knew each other. In fact my next-door neighbor from when I was a kid just added me on facebook :cool:
In my apartment complex, my friendliness is as follows:

The people below us on our side never talk to us
The people at the very bottom of our side are alright, but kind of dicks.
The people on the top on the opposite are pretty cool and we hang out on occasion.
The people in the middle on the opposite side are alright. They've gotten into big fights with the people at the bottom in my side.
The people at the bottom on the opposite side aren't bad, but we haven't seen or heard from them in awhile.


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We know the neighbors on the right and I intend to have them over for dinner to get to know them better. I say hi to the neighbors on the left when we are both outside, but I don't know their names or anything, and with the neighbor behind us, our girls talk to each other out the back windows all the time and are constantly inviting each other over to play, so I figure we better make it a point to go introduce ourselves so that they can.


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One of my neighbours is cool - he is a friend of the family.

On the other side they get pretty damn annoying. It's does get embarrassing when you hear your neighbours having sex.


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We live in apartment buildings, like majority of the Parisians. You'd think one's geographical proximity to the neighbors is enough to make everyone be chummy, but it's the opposite. The neighbors typically ignore each other except for the customary bonjour/bonsoir in the elevator. So much that they invented a neighbor's day so people will find time to pay more attention to the neighbors. Despite the city hall's efforts and campaign, only few buildings celebrate it.

We recently moved and this time, I'm making a point to invite everyone living on the same floor for apéritifs during the Fêtes de Voisins.