negative rep


lol anyone give it out ever? man I dont think anyone does, maybe rep giving should be annonomous haha, would be really interesting...


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I think I've given out negative rep. I can't remember who though. Picollo seemed the most likely candidate that I might have given it to but since my memory is failing me I'm not even sure if I did.
i gave it to a few people...i know mal has given it...hell, his username sugguests it

umm those fags talkin shit from general swagga association forum neg repped me like 3 times lol


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Someone has given out negative rep. If I vagualy remember someone got a red square awhile back, but somehow they pulled it up >>; I though have yet to see something to give neg rep for or to*shrugs*


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I think it was Ant on a Log or someone who wanted neg rep. can't quite remember, but no one gave it to him :D

as for me, I've never given out negative rep. I might give some if you posts some ridiculous posts with gay porn or gore or something.....I dunno