Negative effects of illicit drugs

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    Love drugs or hate drugs, we've all suffered the ill effects one way or another, be it direct or indirect, i.e suffering by your own doing, or losing out because of someone else doing drugs.

    List [in no particular order] the negative effects you've suffered from illicit drugs. List them even if someone else has listed them, and there is no need to list them in one post.
    Just whatever springs to mind.
    Don't just write something like 'The come-down.' Say what the 'come-down' is to you... bearing in mind it's not always the same, unless you're in a drug-induced 'Ground-hog Day.'

    1. You talk the biggest pile of shite known to mankind [though it's pure genius to you and everyone else who's high... ... ... at the time.]
    2. On some drugs, you can be concentrating so much... ... ... you forget to breath. ['Solvents/glue' spring to mind.]
    3. You can sometimes not know if you dreamt something or lived it and vice-versa.
    4. Yours eyes can deceive you. I remember one time chatting to a girl for hours fucked out of my face on MDMA. She was stunning, and she was an actress from an Australian Soap [Sky Mangel from 'Neighbours.'] She'd been talking that long, she metamorphosed back into 'the real' her, and she was 'not attractive.'
    5. One of my friends took his life while he was on drugs.
    6. You can suffer short to long term schizophrenia.
    7. People under the age of 21 taking drugs are far more likely to suffer 'long term' mental health problems than those that start for the first time over the age of 21, as it is believed the human brain stops developing after 21 years.
    8. Once on a cocktail that consisted of LSD, Speed, E and Grass, I walked half a mile to the pub for two cans of coke. The barman said 'what you having?' I said 'Two bottles of vokda.' My two cans of coke which should have cost under £3 ended-up being £50 worth of vodka. There was one old guy at the bar minding his-own business when I turned around to him and said 'What the fuck you on about? I was never in the army.' When I got back to the house, I freaked my mate out and others 'less' high by telling them every house I walked past, people were looking out the window at me:
      The experiance was a bit like that from 4:07 onwards
    9. I was telling them there was a Police-car outside, and everyone was looking, but they could not see it. I could though. :sigh:
    10. The next morning, I went to the shop, and there was an old woman following me around the shop like Sherlock homes with her 'Deerstalker hat' 'magnifying glass' and she was wagging her finger at me. She reminded me of the commedy 'Miss Marpel' [​IMG]
    11. Cannabis can make you lazy and not give a shit... which is great at the time, but the day WILL come when you'll regret it.
    12. For those that believe in hell, it is said no human can ever imagine the pain and suffering of hell, and they won't come close... but I'm pretty sure some 'come downs' of chemical drugs and other strong drugs are one of the closest things you'll get to hell.
    13. I remember a story on the news of a woman that claimed her husband beat the living shit out of her and knocked her teeth out. It turns out, the real story [which she later remembered] is that whilst on Rohypnol [The 'Date rape' drug] she pulled her own teeth and hair out.
    14. Back on the 'reality' 'dreams' side of it, I've heard of cases of people not knowing what they are doing, not knowing what planet the are on or anything, and having sex with their own Children, Parents, Brothers, Sisters whoever.
    15. You gain friends through drugs, but I'd gladly bet they are not real friends.

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    I agree on the coming down one. One experience is enough of a warning to me to not do it. Or at least, often. haha. Oh, and I woke up drooling on some fat dude. That sucks. Especially when your mouth tastes like ass for the next hour or so
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    Side Effect Number One: One of the worst side effects i've had wasn't from the chemical drugs i've taken, it was from marijuana, and that was paranoia. The last 6 months or so when I was smoking heavily, I would get paranoid each time. It was to the point where if I was high, I had to sit in my room curled up in a ball afraid to go outside. The voice from the TV coming through my wall was my flatmates bad mouthing me, and I was convinced my bf was cheating on me with my friend (which he was, but that's besides the point). I was a serious mess.

    Side Effect Number Two: Depression. I can't pinpoint exactly what drug bought on the depression, probably a mixture of all of them, but it was probably the worst thing I have ever experienced. Before I ever took drugs, I very rarely was in a bad mood, let alone feeling low, but every day was a struggle to get out of bed. I would just snap from being in an alright mood to having suicidal thoughts running through my head because someone said good morning to me. This mixed with the paranoia I had from smoking too much was too much to take. I pushed away all my friends who tried to help, and i'm seriously surprised i'm still here.

    Both those side effects make comedowns feel like a walk in the park.
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    What colour was the drool? :ghost: ;)

    I remember one time when I was in my teens. My Mum did Nightshift as a Nurse, so I'd often come home from parties just before she got home from work.

    One time whilst on speed [I 'THOUGHT' it had worn off] she came home, and I was in the kitchen.
    She sat down to a cup of tea, and I sat with her chatting away 'normally' when I said 'Look, there is a rat!' she asked 'Where?' and I said that it just ran across the floor. I pointed to where it went etc.
    Then when she asked 'What are you on?' I just went to bed. Later that night, I remembered the rat was running on it's two legs, it was wearing a stripy t-shirt and ran into a little hole in the wall, and closed its door behind it!!! And I was insisting to my Mum there was a rat! :-/
    The bloody thing even turned around and waved to me before it went into its hole.

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    From marijuana:
    • dry mouth
    • paranoia, but nothing serious
    • I fainted once
    • bad effects when I smoke when I'm really drunk, usually nausea
    • nearly arrested once, but got lucky
    • I've seen a couple of my friends get really irritable when they're not high
    That's about it. It's a pretty tame drug. I could list 50 things for alcohol.
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    Yeah, through frequent heavy use of chemicals and smoke, I was convinced that some secret service type agency could read my mind through the computer, so I wouldn't look at my keyboard when I typed passwords, and I'd block the word from my mind and do a kind of internal 'hummmm' while just typing the password on auto-pilot.
    I like these two adverts are they ring true:

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    Yeah, they look like 'before and after' Heroin users. You can often tell by ones face that they are or were junkies. :):alien::paperbag:
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    I would never even consider smoking anything! Man I dont even drink! Im too concerned about keeping healthy..

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