Needs to close?


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Everytime I close a window now my laptop has decided ALL windows need to be closed. :mad:
Why is it suddenly doing this?
It's 2 years old and has its moments but now it is just taking the Mick!

If anyone replies, please remember that when it comes to computers I'm only 3. :rolleyes:


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It's definitely on the internet but not sure about everything else.
Only really use it for pics and the internet and usually doing pics inbetween doing internet things. :-/

Sorry, I'm not so good at these things. :rolleyes:
I'll try offline tomorrow though if that helps?


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im not sure what it is but my computeer was doing it while i was on the internet so i ditched the internet explorer and hoped on the google chrome train.

i dont think i can really help you...because im am only 3.5 years old in computer


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Did Chrome help?

I would use Chrome, but I'm waiting for it to be put in beta.

Wait! You were still using IE???
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Use Firefox, I have been using it for years and never had a problem with it.


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Thanks for your help everyone.
I'll relay your comments to my other half as he has a better understanding of these things than me. :)