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Need Your Input..Please :)


New Member
I am just curious to see if there are any natural/organic/holistic/homeopathic etc type products that you use and swear by??


Well-Known Member
Which ones are you looking to use and why do you want to use them? Lose weight? Trim Your BOdy? Flush out toxins?



New Member
No I am thinking about opening a store at some point and time and I am curious to know what products are popular and why.


Do What Thou Wilt
While Holistic medicines are a popular trend but after doing research for various school products I find that few of them actually work and those that do are overly priced. It would be a good business, but by 2010, I'd be willing to bet the fad would be dead. You are better off opening an all organic store, or all natural store, such as the likes of Whole Foods but on a smaller scale.

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