Xbox 360 Need Some Suggestions


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My bro and I got a 360 for xmas. I was looking for suggestions on games, but theres a hitch. My disability limits my mobility and I can't work the left triggers on any system. Can anyone suggest any good games that do not require use of the left triggers?

i already am enjoying Lego indiana jones and intend to get Lego star wars and Lego batman.


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I don't see how identifying his disability will help us pick his games.

Any specific genres you'd like us to look at?

*EDIT* Wait, a necro thread? Oh snap!


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just the left triggers...i can work the stick and control pad, its just the two trigger buttons on the left shoulder of the controller


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I admit its something I've taken for granted, Im looking at my collection now and without playing thm I cant recall the button configuration, sorry.

You could always reconfigure the layout in game options.

Also; it might be worth looking at third party controllers that may differ in shape and size.....or.......alternate controller types(wheels, joysticks, guitars etc....) they may work better for you.


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the problem with configurations is that most games nowadays don't allow you to change it.

as to the arcade stick, they are hard to find and usually don't have all the functions of a regular controller.

if someone knows of a arcade controller that leaves full functionality please let me know


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I do not know of your exact disability, but I am 100% sure ALL (well, just about) disabilities can be over come so you can enjoy gaming. I have a very good friend that I don't with too much. (Mainly because he is actually too good for me.) He has 1 arm. He is a level 50 in Halo 3 and competes at tournaments.

His GT is Teh Bawney. If you look on Bungie's site, you can see it.

His various montages can be found at youtube/TeHBawNeY.

(Looks like I need more posts before I can post links. :()

He plays with a technique he has dubbed "The Spider". It is named after the way he uses the controller. He is a great person. And he is very proud of how he has overcome so much and adapted so he could play. And I cannot blame him.

So that was meant as inspiration to not just you, but anyone else. But you don't have to play Halo obviously. And I would suggest ANY Lego game. I enjoy every single one. I actually have 1000/1000 achievement points in all but one of them. :p


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that's awesome midget....i have a form of muscular dystrophy called spinal muscular atrophy....over the years my wrists have atrophied from whenever i was laid up in bed with pneumonia.

i am able to use the right triggers but i cannot reach to use my right hand for the left triggers and my left arm is only strong enough to work the d-pad or stick and cannot reach the left triggers.

i'm working on lego indy and will be playing soul caliber 4 soon along with street fighter 4. i'm just looking for suggestions on games that don't require use of the left triggers for the game play. i'm hoping RE 5 doesn't require the left triggers as i'm a huge fan of the series.