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first off I'm not sure if a thread like this is around, if so, i am sorry, please delete it

i have the sudden urge to read a good book, and well for someone who never reads, thats rare, i was wondering what you guys would recommend. Let me know some of your favorites.
Some books in order of level recommendation

The Redemption of Althalus - by David Eddings
Fantasy Genre. An excellent book about a thief. Althalus is the best thief in the world, a great story teller, and possibly the luckiest person ever. Then his luck begins running out. He takes a job to steal a book from a shack at the end of the Earth. Unfortunately, the house belongs to a god.

An excellent book with a great story, and unlike a lot of David Eddings' books, it isn't a three/five part series.

American Gods - by Neil Gaiman
The basic plot is that when all the immigrants came to America, they brought their gods with them, and now the old gods are being replaced with the new gods of technology. Now the two groups are about to fight a war against each other.

And if you're willing to read a good long book, I suggest The Elenium and Tamuli. Both are three book series, but the Tamuli is the sequel to the Elenium.

It's an excellent series, but may be too long for someone who rarely reads. But this series is the best out of all the one's I've listed. Both The Redemption of Althalus, and American Gods are stand alone books