Need Some Explanation and Help

I had this problem a few times, after switch on the pc,, and enter the password, it takes time for the pc to load the windows, just a blank screen. i restarted the pc and it is the same..and then i try to pull out the LAN cable first before restart it and the problem resolved. i wonder, does this problem cause by the LAN line or what?

anyone can help me here. :shake:

Thanks guys


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Those are tough problems to resolve. It sounds like the system is looking for something on the network during bootup that isn't there. When the LAN cable is unplugged, it is "smart" enough to not look for it, so it boots fine.

You might be able to boot into "Safe Mode" (hold F8 or ctrl at bootup), and choose the "Step by Step" mode, where it does the normal boot but asks you to confirm each step. That might help show you where it is freezing. But if it is after the password entry, it might not help.

Good luck!