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Need some advise please...


Whether he's a problem or not, she should maintain a certain attitude given that she's in a relationship.
It's disrespectful towards you if she's acting like a single girl.
Just let her know this.


Wanna play?
He knows we are together, at the end of the night he said to me that they are just old friends (probably because it looked like i was about to kick off) but anyone can just say that cant they. I mean, if I was single and didn't know my girlfriend, but saw her and liked the look of what i see, I would make a move, as she looks like shes single too what with her body language etc, if you know what I mean.
You know what I find ridiculous? The fact that you were left to linger in the shadows instead of joining them, and you accepted it.
She's your girlfriend, not some stranger you're stalking. If you have a problem with her talking to another guy, grow a backbone and go join them. If she doesn't like it, that should tell you right there she's doing something she shouldn't.
Sure, everyone needs time away from their SO to do their own thing. But, you don't ignore that person and flirt with other guys when you happen to see them out in public.
Either she stops acting like a single girl, or she becomes one again. It's not that difficult to figure out what you should do.