Need some advise please...

Got abit of a problem, not sure if im being over the top about it or if im right to be concerned, so just looking for some advise. Me and my girlfriend have been together for a few months now, we get along great and have been really happy together, however lately ive started having a few problems with her. Every friday and saturday night we both go out into town to the pubs and clubs, i go with my guy mates, and she gos with her girl and guy mates, shes never interested in going together, althought we always go home together at the end of the night. Every now and then we would bump into each other throughout the night, maybe have a quick drink or a kiss and id check if shes alright etc, but lately shes completely ignoring me. She acts as if i dont even exist, and i also see her dancing with guys (which i dont usualy mind) but i feel its the way they dance is inappropriate considering she has a boyfriend, then i see her sat down with guys i have no idea who they are, with there arms around each other sometimes, having a drink or two together, last time we went out i didnt get to spend anytime with her atall, but every time i saw her she was with the same guy, and then they were texting and phoning each other, she wanted to go back with him, and told me they are just friends and nothing would happen, but im not so sure now.


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So let me get this straight.

She hangs around with this other guy more than she does with you and she tells you it's ok because they are just friends.

What's she telling him? Do you think she's telling him that they are just friends? Her body language certainly isn't saying that.

Sounds like you just became her "backup plan" if things don't work out with this other guy. Since things are going smoothly with him you've been put on the shelf for now. She might come back. You'd be a fool to wait and find out though.


What's she telling him? Do you think she's telling him that they are just friends? Her body language certainly isn't saying that.
No matter what she's telling him.
Her attitude is not that of a 'taken' girl.
I bet she told this other guy she's single.
Its only when she gos out clubbing and stuff, so she doesnt spend more time with him than me in general, as we spend quite alot of time together. But when i catch a glimpse of her on nights out, i just feel as if im nothing to her, and she acts as if shes single. But when we talk about it she assures me there just good old friends, this is how she acts. Whereas me on the other hand, i hang out with my guy mates on nights out, but id love for her to come with us from time to time, im proud to say shes my girlfriend and show her off


#7're actually nothing to her.
One of the ways to tell how much someone cares about is you when you're not around . ;)
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Oh I dont know what to do, dumping her would be easier said than done, I want to be with her. Shes only ever like this on the odd night out, I know shes really close her with mates and some of them are guys who she refers to as being like her brother, and that they are just friends. I know she hasn't cheated on me, but to be honest im starting to think maybe she will, she sometimes makes me feel worthless.


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Try making sure that this guy knows you two are going out, if he has his arms around her, go over and kiss her, and say, I love you, just something that ensures he knows she's taken, if she's told him she's single, she will probably ask you what the hell you are doing, or not say anything back.