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Need some advice!


New Member
Hello everyone, i'm starting off in the auction world and i was wondering what everyone would recommend me buying to make a good resell? Like what should I look for to make good money off something? I need some examples, thanks:)
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Well check out eBay and find things that are selling that isn't being overlisted. That's a start. :)

I'm thinking about doing some of this myself soon.


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Would this be things to resell again on ebay? I would recommend trying to resell at a flea market or a different site because it's very difficult to buy something on ebay and then resell it on ebay for profit. If you're thinking flea market then I would go to a flea market and see what other people are selling and that might give you some ideas.


New Member
Well what i plan on doing is going to auctions and then whatever i buy, take it and list it on ebay, but I dont really know what to look for to make profit? I mean what do people have a big demand for?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi ya.

The hot ticket items on ebay are games, electronics and collectibles.

Right now it is even harder to turn a buck on eBay, all the big boys have taken over.

If you can buy items cheaper than retail(include the shipping cost in to the total) then go for it. You will have to compeat with the big boy stores that purchase on a multilevel scale and sell cheap with even cheaper shipping cause they write all losses off on their taxes and they can aford to take the loss as where you can't.

I would say to watch ebay for a bgit and try to ride the newest purchasing trends are. The change from month to month.

Good luck.