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need help


Registered Member
i have an idea for an auction but got hit by ebay because it involves a very small body part (for arguement lets say fingernail) that body parts cant be sold but I am sure there is a ebay loophole out there i can wiggle thru so any advise would be appreciated..



~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi pin it's me again. Well that all depends on the way that you word your auction, and what the item in question is . For the fingernail example you could try labeling it as one of a kind body sculpture for sale. Like I said it all depends on what the real part is. Private message me if you want to talk more on this .


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi pin it's me again . I wish you luck on this auction..If eBAY goes to pull your auction relist it as medical memorbilia . Or in science collectibles. Either of those might get through the radar. Anyway good luck ....