need help with my backup

hello all, i got a little problem with my pc...i got virusses all over the place but i cant remove em with norton so im gonna restore my backup but the problem is that im 14 and my dad is in afghanistan so i would like some help
i got 3 backup files:
SP1.gho(ghost image file,2097MB),when i try to open it it says:an NTFS partition is spanned over 3 sergments, unless all segements are available at once, this will lead to excessive disk you wish to load this partition?
SP100001.GHS(ghost spanned image file,2097MB)says:eek:pen with...?
SP100002.GHS(ghost spanned image file,195MB)says also open with...
i think its the first one but im not rly sure so when i click yes with the first one i get a weird window with what i think is my map C: but i still dont know what to do
any1 want to help?:confused: