Need help with 2 old games names

OKay for the past week iven been trying to rember the names of these 2 old games. the first one was an old pc game wher you were a big gun on a mountain and you shot at another big gun thing. it was a really basic game but i can rember it.

The second one was a Apple game i played in school. where you were a guy who ran through the jungle and swung from vines and jumber over gators.

Please help, its driving me nuts.


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I think that the second one may be pitfall the mayan adventure.

The description sounds good to me.

The first one I have no clue.


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The first one is probably Pocket Tanks. If it's not, Pocket Tanks is a better version of the game you're thinking of.


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sounds like my pitfall (the mayan adventure) suggestion caught on. :D

I still have no clue what the second one is, care to give more details?