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need help trying to find a program or something that...


New Member
right i own quite a load of pc games and im sick and tierd to taking them everywhere so does anyone know where i can get a patch for the games so i can keep the cds at home and play games while in the car or at other places without needing to take the cds?

main ones im looking for at the moment
sims 2
simpsons hit and run
worms world party
grand theft auto san andreas
zoo tycoon 2 (with all 4 expansion packs)




Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Google "[name of game] no-cd patch" or "[name of game] nocd patch". Sometimes you have to replace "patch" with "crack."


Registered Member
there is a site called gameburnworld or gamecopyworld or something to that extent. thats where I have ever gotten all of my NOCD patches and such.