Need help to open another new eBay account...

Hi friends...

eBay has just suspended my account. I am selling genuine DVD on eBay but they keep pulling down my listings with reason that those are unauthorized DVD. I email them so many times telling them that all my DVDs are 100% genuine and original. After few emails, eBay just stopped replying and attending to my appeal.

I need some advise as to how I can open another eBay new account. Anyone please advise me??

Millions thanks in advance...


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What exactly are the DVD's? Are you pricing them extremely cheap?

For some reasy eBay seems to think they are copied or bootleg. I've never heard of them closing down somebody for simply selling DVD's.

Is there anything odd about the DVD's you are selling that could raise some flags?


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I haven't heard of ebay shutting someone down for selling DVDs either. I cannot imagine them doing so without a reason.

Have you considered selling them at some other auction site? There are others out there.