NES Need help ... please guys


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Does any1 know about 1 wrestling game in NES,where we wrestle our opponent and we could get some power up from outside the ring to perform some super moves? The character are not like in the wcw etc.

It has policeman character, some baldy with big lips, some guy dresses like KISS and so on. For example if we choose a policeman character(if we get that power ups), we could throw some pies to our opponent. Please guys ... i hope any1 here ever played that game. I cant remember the title so i hope any1 here can give me some hint,clue, or maybe the title^^

Thx for the help guys


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Could it possible be Tecmo World Wrestling? I dunno about the policeman or the powerups outside the ring but I know it had a character that kinda looked like he could be from Kiss called Rex Beat.