Need Help Nao!!!


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So I have a funeral to go to on Monday, but my one and only white shirt is missing a button. It has a spare but I have no clue how to sew it on.

Help please? Maybe someone get into chat and direct me? 'Cos I have no freaking clue what to do with this thing :confused:


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Loosen the top two buttons and dress like a hot Spanish stud....

....Okay I've just realised it's for a funeral.....I'm out of ideas.....good luck mate!!


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Lol, gtfo EEB :lol: It's like, an ordinary button Pugsy. The usual amount of holes, I guess? :dunno:

I'm on YM nao so Izzy's gonna give it a bash :D
Ah. I've been instructed to watch the video :hah:
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What button is missing? If it's a bottom button, you can just tuck it in. With a lot of buttons, if worst comes to worst, you can throw a jacket over it.