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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by jay-jay, Aug 14, 2008.

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    Back when I was younger I used to play a little game I was very fond of but now I do not know its name. Hope this rough description will help somebody remember the name :(

    So, the game itself has a garden that is split in four quarters - you as a player get only one quarter and the other three are played by the computer (I'm not sure if it could be played in multiplayer since I only played it single). Within that quarter you received flowers (through cards i think) that you were supposed to match in a greater number to receive points.

    Depending on the card you would receive you could end up having a fence, or a gopher attacking the computer's garden and stealing a flower (or plant) you needed. Aslo, you could get a card with a deer doing the same thing as a gopher. There were some bugs too that could have been rinsed off with certain garden products.

    You could also have a solarium. You could end up receiving an unlucky card that sent you flood or too much sun.

    I really hope somebody remembers the game :)

    Thanks a lot!

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