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Help need help coming out of the closet(srs) - Nathan Z kidemonas


New Member
hi my name is Nathan z kidemonas ive known im gay for a while now just havnt been able to tell anyone. only people who know are the people ive done stuff with obviously. i dont want to talk to my close friends. so i thought i go to the internet for some help :shifteyes: :shake::shake::shake::shake::shifteyes:


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Welcome to the forum! The mods will probably move this thread to the "Lifestyles" section in either "Dating and relationships" or "Advise board". Thats where members discuss issues like this.
Why do you need help about being gay? Isnt it legal in Australia? Its legal here.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Is there a support group you can attend in Australia that might help you with this?

Since I don't know your friends I can't say if you should tell them or not. What is their attitude towards gay people?

If they are your friend they should accept you for who you are. Maybe sometime when it can be worked into the conversations, like if they are trying to set you up with a girl just casually say I'm not into girls or I'm gay.

Chances are if you are close to these people they have guessed already.


New Member
I think you should find out their opinion on gay people. Tell your closest friend first. Someone you can rely on. Maybe you know someone else who's gay, how do your friends react with them? I think honesty is the best policy. If you mean so much to your friends, they won't care if you're gay. If you struggle with coming open. Why don't you ask them an anonymous question on ASK.FM saying 'opinion on homosexuality' or 'would you be friends with a gay person?' I think that will help you get a better insight. I think that sharing your feeling will reduce the stress.
Hope I've been help.
Good. Luck!


Registered Member
It's a tough situation. My brother came out several years ago and my dad nearly disowned him. Unfortunately, the world is a cruel place with a lot of cruel people. However, my advice is just to do it. You're depriving yourself of happiness if you don't. You will feel so relieved even if people don't approve, and fuck them if they don't.


I think the way to come out (placing myself mentally in your shoes) would be to slowly work up to it with my folks in a conversation that focused on the warmest memories you've shared together, then talking about some of the experiences you've had that led you to realize you were gay. They will not want to know any intimate details, but will need to be convinced that, for you, this is normal and a part of who you are. If they are slow to accept it, be patient with them. The stigma against homosexuality in some communities is totally over the top and the brainwashing will take some time to subside, but if you have a close relationship with your parents, chances are, they will eventually come around.

- Chameleon