Sony Need for Speed underground 2



Yeah Ive played it and finished it with my Mazda RX8 complete/full upgrades, why are you asking anyway you should play Most Wanted now because there are new super cars and the customize stuff look pretty good too and in my opinion the best of Most Wanted is becos of the police thing anyway well have you finsihed U2 yet? Which car is your best...


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mylist of cars from best to worse:

1. 240SX
2. Skyline
3. Escalade
4. TT
5. Supra

i started a new game and now, i got:

1. Peugeot 206
2. Lincoln Navigator


R.Lewis_52 said:
Yes i play and i think it is the best need for speed underground game of all time.
Could that possibly be because it is the latest of NFSU? anyway I hope they can get the 3rd version after finishing with Carbo even tho the series is a bit boring for car lovers this game is never going to be boring lol
I played the first one and never beat it. They I tried a demo awhile after I stoped playing the first one, and it was harder then I remembered so I did not play it anymore. It sucks because if you are doing a ten lap race and you are on the tenth lap if you ess up once you might as well start all over!


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I played through a lot of it with a Hyundai Tiburion as my main car, and a Navigator as the secondary. I found it's gameplay to be mediocre-I preferred Burnout 3 by quite a bit.


its been awhile but yea I played it and beat the game, game is fun, but its lan capability is stupid, I liked some of their cars though, most wanted is better in my opinion, has all the nice cars underground has but easier lan/ online play and more like Midnight club which is a good thing. The only thing it doesnt really have over underground is more car customization, underground has more options when it comes to that..