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Sony Need For Speed: Most Wanted


Forum Drifter
Anyone else enjoying this game? We have Black Edition for the PS2 and computer. I am much farther on the comp than on the PS2. I'm still not very far though because work and other things eat into my time.

I have a Supra as my main car and an RX-8 in case the other one gets impounded. What do you guys have?

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Yeah I have Most Wanted, good thing is the GFX is pretty good, they put supercars which you can modify and the storyline is a bit more interesting and perhaps longer. Well as for the gameplay, it isnt really hard I finished the game in less than a week, nothing really new when you challenge the next blacklist racer I mean the storyline here suck only a bit more harder challanges like races and milestone to be completed. Overall I got busted like for about 8 times I think and my favourite car is Lamborghini Gallardo actually after defeating Ming thats the car I used until Razor where I used the Carrera GT. I would rate it 7.5/10