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PlayStation 2 Need for Speed Carbon


New Member
I got NFS carbon for christmas and i havent opened it yet because im deciding whether or not to return it. Ive heard alot of bad reviews but the reviews are from people who know nothing about automotive racing. I played the game for about 5 minutes driving a plymouth roadrunner and i was surprised because it was alot like driving a 69 roadrunner in real life and it was very realistic for shift time and how quickly the clutch grabs. But ive heard many bad things about how the game "feels" and the graphics. I want to hear some opinions about the game from people who have played EVERY racing game for ps2 on the market.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I wish I could say I have played them all but the only ones I got into were the Grand Tourismo series. I loved thoose, however, so if this is anything like GT then it's probably good.

Don't keep it on my word though. Hopefully others have some better advice.

Check IGN and GameSpot for reviews too.


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I've never played Carbon, but I did play Most Wanted. Probably, as with most of the Need for Speed games, the car's handling isn't very realistic. The shifting and accelerating qualities are great, but the drifting and turning is slightly over-exaggerated. It usually makes for a good game, though. Gran Turismo 4 is what you want if you want the most realistic of all of the qualities. Carbon is probably a very fun game, though. I'd like to have it myself.


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I have played Need for Speed Carbon for the PC and I would recommend playing it sicne you have played Most Wanted. It's acontinuation of Most Wanted in terms of storyline. It has received bad ratings dur to the fact that its very similar to Most Wanted and you're not getting anything new.