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Okay so I was seeing this guy for a while and he broke my heart and acted like he was over me. But when I started to like another guy, he went up to him and said some weird stuff and then the guy wouldn't go anywhere near me. And the REALLY weird part is I still like the guy that broke my heart. I'm confused.


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Obviously the first guy doesn't want to see you happy. He doesn't want you, but he doesn't want any other man having you.


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Definitely don't get involved with the first guy. However, you need to talk to one of the two guys (preferably the second guy) to find out what was said, and how to fix that situation.

If you do have to talk to the first guy to find out what happened, stay calm and polite. Avoid getting into a fight, even if he provokes you. It'll just make things worse.


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The first guy doesn't really like you still. Like others have said, he just doesn't want to see you happy.

I wouldn't even deal with the first guy anymore since anything he says will most likely be way off from the truth.


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hey!i think u trying to move on is the best idea.. umm if it were me i would probably confront the first guy and ask him what his problem was..but make sure that no matter what he says don get back with not worth it yea


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I don't think the first guy simply doesn't want you to be happy. I mean it can be the case, though the first thing that comes to my mind is the mentality of someone who hasn't really realised the full impact of "losing" someone (because he probably knows you still like him even after he broke your heart), until another comes along that threatens his opportunity to have you whenever he wants you back.