Need advanced search on project!!!

[FONT=&quot]Hi all, I have a project going which involves the search on various chemicals used in the pharma industry. I have tried searching on the net but all I land up is on the pages that I have already visited. I need to find something that is more than the usual information I have, need to access the web pages that store more information about them. Do you people know any thing that can help me find specific information on the net?[/FONT]
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[FONT=&quot]Your suggestions could make my project better.[/FONT]
PubMed Home
ScienceDirect - Home
Scirus - for scientific information
ISI Web of Knowledge [v4.0] - No Access from IP

You'll need a license though for web of knowledge, don't know if your school got that licence. But if nessesary just give me some keywords or authors and I'll try to find some articles.

Have you tried Wikipedia(.org)? That's a pretty reliable site that offers good information.
Using wikipedia as a source is one of the worst things you can do. It might suffice at highschool. People can make up all sorts of things, there is hardly anyone who checks things. Though it might be useful to check the references of the wikipedia article.
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