Need a userbar


No Custom Title Exists
Can someone please make me an userbar out of my sig


"Savvy Friend of DRXX"

It... it doesn't make much sense... I mean... "Well informed friend of DRXX"? Not sure that's really what you're going for... although I suppose I might be wrong.

adj., -vi·er, -vi·est.
Well informed and perceptive; shrewd: savvy Washington insiders.

Practical understanding or shrewdness: a banker known for financial savvy.

tr. & intr.v., sav·vied (săv'ēd), sav·vy·ing, sav·vies (săv'ēz).
To understand; comprehend.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Tch...I didn't do it from ur sig, Srry to say but it would look like Mr.B's if I did and plus ur sig looks....eck lol^^;

But anyway here it is:

If u like it then rep meh plz...and a payment of 50 points. That's cheap compared to some ppl's prices >>;
Hahah, Kyo... you still just used that userbar making site... it's not like it takes more than 3 seconds of work. Still, I admit that your choice of using a different picture was a good one and yours looks better than mine (slightly). Maybe he should rep us both and give each of us 50 points! lol