Sony Need a PS2 Controller



My PS2 Controller is starting to stick and stuff. I was just wondering if anyone could reccomend a good yet relatively cheap controller.

I saw a couple of MadCatz ones at blockbuster for $10 but a friend told me that it totally sucks. I would just by another normal PS2 controller, but damn, it's $25 lol. I wouldn't mind paying that much, but I want to try something new. Any ideas?


I would not get a Madcatz controller, they are not good at all. I would go down to your local Gamestop and get a used one for $10/15, they all come with a 90 day guarantee on them, so if it doesn't work, take it back and get another one. The only aftermarket controllers that I like are the ones made by nYko, they are usually around $20.


Hmmm, I see. I suppose I could use a PS1 controller for now until I get more opinions.


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Well it should work until you get a new one. I would buy one of the blue ones I have had trouble with the black ones and the green ones but the blue one seems to work better then the others for me.


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ii bought a madcats and it broke when i got it... if ur lookin for a cool one go to spencer gifts and they have a demon ps2 controler. its awesome