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PC Games need a list of games


New Member
hi im new here and im looking for new games to play, types of games are mech mmo's, mmorpgs and mmorg. and im interested in the metaverse so if u can help me with this plz let me know asap


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Yeah, so I thought every type of game that you listed was the same.

Get Oblivion, it's your best choice right now.


Registered Member
Thats because it was the same list, World of Warcraft? I hear all the kids these days are playing it.


New Member
well i want to play something that free and personaly i dont like warcraft and i dont have the money to get oblivion


New Member
well cant get either cuz i have no money plus i hate Warcraft and cant play oblivion cuz i dont have anything to play it on or handle it and i need something thats free to play


New Member
Well im no expert but if your looking for a FPS/RTS then go for Company of Heroes. Im playing that now and it awesome in all feilds.

What ever you choose HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D