need a girlfriend

i am so lonely and need a girlfriend i was dumped on runescape =(
so plz be my girlfriend email a pic of you plz =)


It's not me, it's you.
Go ahead. It got moved to subtalk and the noob can't see it.

Poor noob. Got rejected by his runescape (wtf is runescape?) gf and then got cock blocked on GF.


Ms. Malone
Fucking saddo --_--

No wonder he was dumped on rune scape; that's where he probably found her and he seems like the stalker type anyway!

'Email me a pic of you'.

How about i email you a kick up the backside!? If any girl is dumb enough to do that she needs a slap in the face!

God i wish he could see this.


It's not me, it's you.
I would grab a couple more if my computer wasn't so out in the open now. Even after I moved desks yet again...I still have no privacy at my supposed final place. Guess I'm fucked.