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I noticed we're all generally around the same age here. I dont know how you guys will take this, but I thought it'd be nice to mention if any of you guys need someone to talk to about any of your problems I'd be willing to help. I'm young myself but I've been through a lot. Although I may come off as an asshole I'm open to different things, if you give me a try.
If you'd like to contact meh, my aim screen name is dnt hve a keyboard

this thread is open for random discussion. Life, achievements, disappointment, w.e. It's all about the love here.
My parents are getting a divorce. Life is pretty hectic right now to be honest. They seemed so right for each other and were married for 24 years...and then all of a sudden my mom can't live with my dad anymore and I'm just awestricken. Shit has been real weird and Ive had feelings Ive never experienced before this.


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My parents divorced when I was 9, and it was an extremely rough time. I feel bad for you, and hope you make it through ok. It took me a while to "get over" it, even though I never fully have. Might have something to do with my stepdad is an asshole. I'm glad I moved away. You will be alright though, just hang in there.
I'm sry to hear man. I know i said i'd try to help but I dont have much expierence there. I'm a bastard.
A few friends had divorced parents. ON a positive note, they ended up okay. Things were always hectic initially, but things worked out afterwards. GL yo.

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my parents got a divorce when i was 6. i was surprisingly happy about it. my dad used to hit us and made us kneel for hours. he also hit my mom so i was happy that hes gone. now we have to see him every month because we were like only lil kids and they signed an agreement. well its hard for mine to relate to yours but i think you can see him anytime you want. hes still you're dad, and sometimes you can visit him or maybe stay over at his house. everything is like the same but you guys just don't live together.
Holy shit dude. Wow. That is crazy.

And im gon live with my dad btw
My parents got divorced when I was only like 6 months old. However, I saw my real dad until my 9th birthday. He sent me a birthday card, that had some lawyer subpeona saying that I'm not his real son, and that they demand to have a DNA test done. Anyways he pretty much disowned me on my 9th birthday, so I haven't talked to him since.

I think everyone needs a friend, and the same goes for me. If you need a pesron to talk to just send me a PM, e-mail me, or just IM me on Yahoo or AIM. I'm on a lot.

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Um, my parents are still happily married, but a lot of families I know are getting divorces, so I can kind of see where you guys are comming from. I conccider myself lucky that I haven't gone through a divorce between my parents. Sorry for you guys.
I wanted to change the tone a bit. I dont want this thread to be a ball of misery.

I'll be a High school grad. soon. SATS are coming up. We're kinda broke, so I'll be working + i'm involved in athletics and a relationship. My schedual is cluddered, and there's obviously a lot of pressure on myself. I'm doing well though. I've learned organization makes everything easy. Any one else going through simular changes that would like to share some expierence?
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