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Need a bit of help on c++


New Member
are there any sites out there that offer good advice on programming c++? I've started for a while, messed around a bit, but still missing a few things. Anyone here a c++ programmer?


Registered Member
There are a few sites out there, if you google "C++ Tutorials". However, it's better to borrow a book from your local library, such as "C++ For Dummies", which I used for a long, long time. IMO, that would be your best choice.


Registered Member
I don't use C++ much anymore, and so I often forget the syntax of things, because I program in several other languages as well. So I always have links to some of the reference sites handy.

Try http://www.cppreference.com/ and http://www.cplusplus.com/ref/

Those sites won't be too useful for learning it from scratch, but if you're somewhat comfortable with C++, then these sites will be very helpful.